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Article One

Management Team Operation

Section 1. Meetings will be held at a time and date specified by the Management Team. Section 2. The TLC Coordinator will develop the agenda for each meeting based on program needs, Management Team Input, and member requests. Section 3. The program of work will be considered in setting each meeting agenda. Section 4. Discussion to obtain consensus will be the prevailing procedure used at meetings. Parliamentary procedure will be used when a discussion is to be seconded and/or transmitted to the membership as a recommendation. Section 5. A quorum will consist of a simple majority of appointed Management Team members. Section 6. Minutes will be recorded for each meeting and distributed to each Management Team member and ex-officio member for their approval prior to any other distribution. Section 7. Meetings will be conducted according to ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER, NEWLY REVISED; and shall govern any provision not covered in the by-laws.

Article Two


Section 1. There shall be no standing committees. Section 2. AD HOC committees may be formed by the Management Team and shall be directed by the Coordinator.

Article Three

Officers and Membership

Section 1. There shall be a president of the Management Team. Section 2. Management Team meetings will be conducted by the President. Section 3. Management Team members have been appointed as per the original project proposal. Membership terms will be on a staggered three year basis. New members would start July 1, 1993. The two team members on the west would be reappointed July 1, 1994. Two team members on the east would be reappointed on July 1, 1995. One team member on the north would be reappointed July 1, 1996. Section 4. All appointed Management Team members are appointed for a three year term. Section 5. A team member on the north will be appointed for a one year term to expire July 1, 1996. Section 6. New Members: Schools interested in participating in TLC must submit a letter of intent to the TLC Coordinator and have approval by the TLC Management Team. New member schools may also be required to follow guidelines and policies as set forth by the Department of Career & Technical Education. Section 7. Member Termination: TLC members opting out of services must notify the TLC Coordinator in writing by March 1 of the current year. Notification after March 1 will result in a penalty of $1,000. Schools will have the option to request renewal of membership by contacting the TLC Coordinator in writing and approval by the TLC Management Team.

Article Four

Management Team Responsibilities

Section 1. Each member will attend meetings and participate in work activities. Section 2. Each member will study the issues or problems which come before the team. Section 3. Each member will provide input into the cooperative’s plans and activities in order to guide and direct the program toward success and toward meeting its stated objectives.

Article Five

Program Development

Section 1. A program of work will be established through the coordinator. This program of work will set goals, objectives, tasks, time lines, and identification of persons and/or agencies which will become involved with any specific activity.

Article Six


Section 1. These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of members present at any meeting of the Cooperative. Section 2. Proposed by-law amendments will be presented in writing to the membership at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which adoption will be voted.  

TLC By-Law Adoption and Amendments

These by-laws adopted this 23rd day of January, 1992. Record of adoption entered into the Management Team meeting minutes dated January 23, 1992. Article 3, Section 5, and all of Article 6 adopted May 15, 1996. Article 3, Section 5 and Section 6, adopted June 12, 2006.