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Swivl Technology

Swivl Technology is available to all NESC member schools!

What is it?

The Swivl is a robotic mount for an Ipad, camera, or smartphone that comes with a remote control Marker. It is designed to track and, with the video capture abilities of the other device, record videos of a moving person. It was designed to capture presentations. (

How does it work?

The Swivl uses tracking, line of sight, technology and a 360 degree rotating platform to follow a handheld Marker.  A mount located on the top of the rotating platform is designed to hold various recording devices.  When a person wants to record or broadcast a video of themselves in motion the Swivl keeps the camera focused on whoever holds the Marker.  The Swivl also has an app that allows videos to be instantly uploaded to a Cloud.

The Swivl Goal: “We aim to turn classroom observations into a teacher driven movement with the potential to change anything using individualized observations.”

How can NESC member schools benefit from use of the Swivl?

  • Teachers can record their instruction for self-reflection and improvement towards their personal professional goals.
  • Teachers can record their instruction for self-reflection and improvement against the components of their school’s evaluation model.
  • Teachers can build collections of video recordings for shared viewing and discussion of best practices during Professional Learning Communities, professional learning sessions, instructional rounds, mentoring sessions or staff meetings.
  • Teachers can record lessons and make them available to students online.
  • Teachers can experiment with a flipped classroom approach to instruction.
  • Leaders of professional learning can record and review their sessions for enhanced, professional practice.
  • Students working on classroom presentations can record themselves and review their performance prior to the big event.
  • And much, much more!
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Reserve a Swivl kit for your school today by contacting NESC Director of Professional Learning and Operations, Erin Lacina

Eight NESC Swivl kits are rotated through NESC member schools on an as-needed basis.