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NESC Staff

Jennifer Carlson

NESC Executive Director, Teacher Center Director & 21st CCLC Coordinator

Jess Edwards

NESC School Support Specialist

Dawn Johnson

NESC Instructional Coach

Erin Lacina

NESC Director of Professional Learning & Operations

Katie Oster

NESC Professional Learning Specialist

Alyson Parsley

NESC School Improvement Specialist

Ryan Wiberg

TLC Rotation Support Staff

Erin Wood

NESC Communications/Media Consultant

ND Regional Education Associations

The N.D. Regional Education Association (NDREA) provides support to strengthen the seven regional education service agencies (REAs, one of which is the NESC) across the state. Through these seven REAs we serve 97% of the state’s public schools and more than 110,000 public school students. We believe through collaboration, a systemic approach, solution-oriented strategies and a focus on continuous improvement we can improve the quality of education across North Dakota.

NDREA members (REA directors and representatives from other organizations interested in advancing the NDREA mission) use a systematic approach to effectively share methods and practices that research has found to produce the best performance and results. Members support each other to ensure such practices are modeled in the operation of each respective REA.

Learn more by visiting the NDREA website.

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